Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Day

Yesterday and today was PROJECT DAY !! I have been collecting a few things and they needed to be finished. I don't like having projects sitting around. So, Reed helped me build some benches, paint chairs, and work on the gift wrapping center. So, I can't wait til they are all dry and I'll start posting when I get each project done. YEAH!! Cassy Final

Let's try this one more time!

I finally got it to work...a signature with the posts! Thanks Nichole for helping me get a signature hooked onto my blogs. I love the font and it looks Great!! I have had to try this a few times to get it to work so, Let's try this once more! Cassy Final

Vernal Weekend

This last weekend I went to Vernal to meet up with some of my friends from High School. We get together now and again but, it has been a little while since Robin has moved to the East Coast. She came back for a month for her sisters graduation and we got together. We had a barbecue with the kids and no husbands(: because they were either working or still back east. We had fun and got to catch up with each other. It was fun with the kids but, maybe next time we'll triple date. I feel like our spouse is part of who we are now and it's fun to get to know their spouses too. Love you guys and it was great to see ya!
It was kinda funny because my parents were heading to the salt lake area, then to Idaho when I was heading to Vernal. So, we kinda switched places for a weekend. My sister Adrienne and her husband Justin live in Vernal so, we were able to hang out with them. We ordered pizza and then the next morning Adrienne brought stuff to make french toast. Abbie got grandma's kid apron from the play chest and they made breakfast. It was so fun to see my kids hanging out with their aunt. They were so cute helping. Thanks Adrienne for letting us hang out with ya! It seems when we go to Vernal we get to see you with everyone else. It was really fun to hang out and get to see just you for once! We love you tons and can't wait to hear what you guys are having! My bet is on a boy! Guess we'll know soon. Love ya!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

When I wanted to have Abbie's yearly pictures, I wanted to have some in the dress we got in Hawaii for her dress-up box. We bought the dress and parasol for a few dollars at the stadium flea market. So fun! So, it was cute to use them for the yearly pictures because she won't fit in that dress forever. Abbie I can't believe how much you've grown just in the last year. I took these pictures in a Cherry Orchard North of here and am trying to get used to working with natural light. I still have lots to learn.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Abbie's Yearly Pictures

I took some pictures of Abbie for her yearly pictures. She turned four in April but, I am just now getting around to it. Oh well, better late than never. I found a cool park in Ogden that had a mix of structural elements that made for a really good photo shoot. I borrowed my sister's camera (thanks Jennie!!) and took some pictures. I am definetely amateur but, I hope they turned out pretty good. It definetely saves money taking their yearly photos myself. I still can't believe that Abbie is four years old! Love ya Baby girl!!

Whitewash Grandma's Garden Fence

The kids and Reed went to West Jordan to help paint grandma's garden fence. I warned her that the kids were small but she said they would have fun. Boy did they have fun! The kids have talked about painting especially when they told me how they got it all over them. They knew who gave them each spot of paint on their legs, arm or even in their hair. (that was fun to strip paint out of Abbie's hair, Hee Hee) Reed was also able to help them clean part of their garage out. Thanks Reed, I know they appreciate it. Well, here are some pictures Reed took of the kids painting the fence. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Update Ladder

The ladder needed to be changed for Summer. I wanted something that could last clear through the summer. I decided to make it patriotic would be the best so it could stay up for a long time. I already had painted a huge wood flag and just moved the pictures above the piano to hang the flag. I didn't even have to move the nails. How lucky!! I hung the pictures that I moved over to hang above the chair in the corner. They look great there. I found the metal stars at Tai Pan this last weekend for $1.94 a peice and the blue votive candle holders from the dollar section in Target. The red geranium flowers were leftover from decorating my other house. So, it was really easy to change the ladder using things I already had made, already had, or purchased inexpensively. I love a great deal and this change was really fun and really easy.
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