Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was simple, yet fun.  

Brooklyn seeing her Easter basket....full of baby friendly snacks.

Brooklyn LOVES goldfish crackers...

Each of the kids got a bunny face sucker. 
Isaac got a robot that never falls off a surface. It turns at the last second. He loves it!

We had Easter dinner with my sister Jennie and her family. It has started to become a tradition to have Easter with their family and we will be sad that we are moving to Kansas and can't do this tradition anymore. 
I pressed the napkins into bunny's for the table. Abbie loved helping me with this and helped tied the bows. 
I dyed blown eggs with silk ties from an idea that Annette sent to me. Very fun!

Easter grass all grown and in the center of the table.

Then we hid Easter eggs. This year we hid a silver and golden eggs. We buried the silver egg in a small gravel pile by the stairs and the golden egg in the light fixture. 
Kaden found the silver Egg

The last egg to be found was the golden egg. Abbie finally spied it in the light fixture and everyone cheered when someone finally found it!

The rest of the beautiful day was spent outside enjoying family time. The boys are becoming quite addicted to playing basketball. Reed was playing with them and trying to defend against both boy's balls. They had a great time together!

Happy Easter!
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts at Ogden Regional

This was Brooklyn's first Easter Egg Hunt! She and Mommy went out to a nice little patch where there were five eggs pretty close together and Brooklyn took her time picking up one egg, then one in her other hand then couldn't decide what to do with the rest of the eggs on the ground....her hands were full yet she didn't want to let any of them go! Too funny! 
Kaden and Abbie ready to Easter Egg Hunt in their age group. They FILLED their baskets to the brim! 

Isaac was in his own age group on the other end, so I got this picture of him when he came back to find us and the kids were inspecting their eggs for their loot. 
Abbie and her TON of eggs

Brooklyn loves playing with eggs! 
Annual picture with the Easter Bunny! 
Funny story: The Easter bunny was giving out pencil's to all the kids. In the throng of people, we happen to be behind the bunny waiting for our turn. The Easter bunny  leaned over to give a pencil to a little girl and you could see the back of the man's neck in the bunny suit. Isaac says (quite loudly) "Hey, that's not a real Easter Bunny!" The only thing I could think to say was, "Shhh, you'll ruin it for the little kids!" I guess we had our first little inkling that the Easter Bunny might not be real at EVERY easter egg hung! LOL

The kids posing for a picture outside of the hospital by the beautiful flowers!

Cassy Final

Isaac lost a Tooth

Isaac lost his tooth late one night just two days before Easter and got the tooth ready for the toothfairy. The toothfairy apparently knew that Kaden hadn't seen the tooth due to it being after the kids had been sent to bed (according to Isaac) so she didn't come that night. Well, the toothfairy (bad toothfairy) didn't come the next night (the night before Easter). This was because the Easter bunny is out and about bringing a treat to kids, so the toothfairy has the night off! (again: according to Isaac) So, the day after Easter, the toothfairy FINALLY came and brought Isaac a collectible Gold Dollar!
I guess she thought it better be something good since he had to wait so long! 
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Isaac recieves his Bear in Cubscouts

Isaac is in my Bear Cubscout group! We have been working VERY hard so that when we move to Kansas, all of my current Bear cubscouts will have earned their "Bear". This is a lot of requirements and they have also earned a gold arrow point and two silvers. Our pack has worked hard to get this done and I am really proud of Isaac for working so hard! I enjoy having Isaac in my Bear Cubscout group and love that he is loving it too! 
Isaac getting his award and the traditional "Bear" face painting! So proud of you Isaac!

Cassy Final
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