Friday, March 22, 2013

Abbie's Painting Picked for Display

Out of all the 2nd Graders at her school. Abbie was one of six 2nd graders art to be chosen. We got a note home that said," Abbie's painting, inspired by the work of artist, Wassily Kandisnsky's is on display with other student artwork at the Blue Valley Library. The display is open to the public until Friday, February 22nd. Congratulations Abbie!"

For family night, we went to see her artwork.

Abbie found her artwork! So excited to show the family! 

You can see the six that were chosen. The other artwork is from different grades. So proud of you Abbie for always trying your best!

Her artwork inspired by the artist, Wassily Kandinsky's.

So proud of you Abbie! We sure love you!

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Basketball with Dad

This was a warmer day in January. Yes, it was cold but, as you can see NO SNOW and a great day to play basketball. We went from no snow to TONS of snow. We are due for another Snow Storm today! Man, some weird weather. You can also notice the oak (I assume it's oak) tree in the back that hasn't lost it's leaves yet. Yep, most trees lose their leaves in fall and others in spring. Different Eh? We were excited last fall for these leaves to fall (would be a huge leaf pile). Even bought the special bags to recycle the leaves at curbside and we are still waiting for them to fall.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Isaac, Abbie and Kaden are taking Karate and L-O-V-E love it!! We went to sign them up for spring sports and some of the sports are played on Sunday so, we looked into other activities. We signed up Kaden and Isaac for Karate but, having Abbie, sitting and watching that first week,while everyone her age is doing Karate, we decided to admit her to the class too. Why not her learn these skills too? She was already there every Saturday while her brothers were in the same class. So, Abbie is doing two activities this spring, Karate and Gymnastics.
The kids have been taking for two months now and still love it! They are learning new skills every week and even defensive moves. My favorite part is when leader tells them. You better hug your mom EVERY day! I love that! He is teaching them life skills along with karate skills. He talks to them as they are practicing their moves. So great! Even helping them to count to 50 in Japanese. But, even after hearing it every week, it might be a while before we get that one down.
So, every Saturday morning we are at the Bushidokan taking Karate!

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New Year's Puzzle

The kids were determined to stay up until midnight. We put together a puzzle! I found a puzzle that was three seperate puzzles that went together to make one bigger puzzle. Each child got their own section (age appropriate since the three sections were in three different puzzle numbers. Some puzzle pieces were larger than another set.)

The kids had the puzzle put together before I got home from work. It was fun that they all stayed up until midnight. Although, Kaden was asking to go to bed as soon as midnight hit. It was so funny! This was the first year he stayed awake until midnight! He definetely is my morning person, child.

We even put together another puzzle on New Year's Day that was 500 pieces! The kids loved helping me with the bigger puzzle. What a great tradition! So fun!

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