Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abbie's 8th Art Birthday Party!

Abbie turned 8 and had an awesome Art Birthday Party!

The girl's each chose an apron to wear and then we filled their pallette with paint and they got to painting. Abbie had so much fun talking with her friends that when I finally looked to see what Abbie had painted, she had a small blue triangle in the corner...too funny!

The mantle decorated for the Party!

Rainbow Paint colors for painting.

The girl's painting.

My friend Emalee made an awesome rainbow layered cake for the party!

I chalked out a "happy birthday to you!" for the food table.

Paint brush rice krispy treats!

I made artist palette cookies! (which I finished flooding and piping at midnight)

Paint Chips! (ha ha)

The twins' painting was even a twin. Too cute!

All the delicious food for the party!

Elise with her painting!

Amelia (upper left) Kate (upper right)
Caroline (lower left) Sara (lower right)

Reagan with her tulips and Sadie with her painting! 

Sadie and Brooklyn at the party!

Emma Kate and Mia with their paintings! 

After some games, it was present time! Abbie recieved a lot of art supplies and very thoughtful gifts!

Then it was time to cut the cake! This was a surprise, even for Abbie! The girl's faces when they realized that the cake was six layers of rainbow colors! They all lit up with excitement!

The front door was decorated with a sign to invite everyone into the party!

Abbie, we had such a blast at this party! Happy 8th Birthday Baby Girl!
Cassy Final

Happy Birthday Girls!

It's April 15th and it's our duo birthday! We celebrated as a family and had a great time!

They opened their cards from their Great-Grandma's!

Abbie gave Brooklyn a Fish Valentine with Brooklyn's favorite candy, Swedish Fish. So thoughtful!

Abbie got bumped on the head and opened a big girl bicycle helmet! It's our families new favorite thing to do...bicycling!

Brooklyn opened a doll and was THRILLED!

The Doll came with a few super cool accessories!

Isaac used his lego's to give a word shuffle game. His gift that he made was hid in a special spot that Abbie had to figure out with the letters made out legos. So cool!

Such a creatively, cool idea Isaac! Abbie loved figuring it out!

Our last gift to Abbie was a scavenger hunt with a bike (with gears)in the garage!!

Brooklyn got a bike seat that attatches to Mom's bike!

It was getting late and the this is the only picture I could get was in the garage where there was a light. None of the pic's I took of Abbie riding her bike turned out.

Abbie and Brooklyn are ready for cake (minus Abbie's cute hairstyle that she took out to put on her helmet)

The girl's blew out their candle and powder sugar from the top of their cake went across the table.

They blew out their candle a few times each! Too much fun!

Happy 8th Birthday Abbie and 2nd Birthday Brooklyn!
Cassy Final

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Infant Blanket Drive in Honor of Jacob

Our little family, with the Hospital Labs help, are putting together a blanket drive for those affected by infant loss at Research Medical Center. Here are the flyers that I designed and were hung up in the lab. We are so grateful for all the help all our family and friends gave to us. We would like to try now, to do something to give back. If you are able to help, that would mean the world to us. We know that most of our family and friends could mail blankets or donations but, it probably wouldn't be here by friday (the official end of lab week) which is okay, we still need the help. Let me know if you need an address, we would be happy to provide any information you need to help us in this cause that is so close to our hearts.

Cassy Final
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