Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shout out to my Hubby!!

Here is a copy of the "Spotlight" paper that is printed for St. Mark's Hospital. Reed was named employee of the month! Those of you who know this hospital know that it is HUGE facility!
Reed calls me from work and says "You won't believe this!" "What ?" I say.
"Thirty people just stormed the ICU and brought balloons and and a Certificate saying that I am employee of the month!"
I congratulate him and tell him how proud I am of him. He tells me how weird it was to be the center of attention in front of that many people...let alone...the administration.
This month's EOM is Reed Tenney, RN from the ICU. It's said that Reed is a wonderful nurse. He is caring, compassionate, and understanding with patients. He is diligent and a wonderful nurse to follow. He always leaves his patients in great shape - the room is clean, orders are carried out and his follow through is outstanding.
Fellowworkers agree that Reed is a terrific coworker. He is always there to help out without complaining, and is reliable, nice and funny. A joy to work with; he is meticulous in his care. He works with a good attitude, helping hands and takes exceptional care of his patients. He is supportive of his patients and co-workers. He has a great sense of humor and adds a lot of positive energy to our unit!
Thanks Reed for all you do!
I just wanted to tell Reed how proud I am of him. Everything that is written here is exactly what he is everyday. This is his personality and why I love him!! Everything that was written, I see in him everyday. He is such a great husband and father and I love him!!
Congrats Reed...keep being you!!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We have some of the best neighbors...they had hot chocolate for the parents and candy for the kids. Then another neighbor...napoleon dynamite...had a hot dog roast for those who were hungry for something other than candy!! Such a great idea!! We had such a fun time roasting hot dogs and then finishing up a little trick-or-treating!! Happy Halloween!!!
This year we went to a carnival during the day to give mom something to do with the kids and then we went trick-or-treating after dad got home from work. We didn't want him to miss out on the fun and boy did we have a lot of fun!! The kids got WAY too much candy and were so tired they could hardly watch the casper movie we rented after we came back home to pass out candy!!
Cassy Final

Costumes and Carnival

This is a picture of the kids before we went to the carnival! We have a Jedi, Snow White and Anakin Skywalker! They were really excited to go! This is the first year that I didn't dress them as a theme although I did think about making Abbie princess leigha but, she wanted to be snow white so, I let the dream go of having a theme and let them be what they wanted!! It was a really fun time!
The kids doing a cake walk at the carnival! In the picture with me...if you look in the background our little neighbor girl is dressed as a peacock. Her mom and I dyed the tights and shirt to match the tutu she had made. SOOO cute!! The headband was to die for it was so cute!! This picture is right after the kids went through a blown-up haunted house to get to the candy. Last year they were too scared to do stuff like that but, this year they loved it!
The kids at the carnival..they set up a little hay stack for pictures.
Isaac showing us his Jedi moves!
Cassy Final

Carving Pumpkins

This year we actually got the pumpkins done before the day of Halloween. Everyone was home on Wednesday evening so we got to carving. This year was a first because the kids actually carved their own. They drew their own faces and then we helped them carve what was too difficult. Isaac did EVERYTHING by himself. I was so proud of him !! Reed really got into it and printed a elk sillouette off the internet and made his own pattern. So creative!! See, I'm not the only creative person in the family. Our kids are doomed!! Hee Hee
The kids were so proud of their pumpkins. We started the evening off by making it a really fun night. We made french toast with syrup for dinner with Eggnog. Yum!! Then we carved pumpkins. Abbie's pumpkin was very shapely!! She made each part of hers a shape that she had learned about in school. Even the ears were different shapes and different sizes!
These are the kids faces looking in their lit pumpkins. You might have to look hard to see it very well.
Cassy Final
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