Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boy has it been a little while since I blogged!!

Well, it's sorta been busy at our house. We got some sad news that my grandmother had passed away. We were all saddened about that and then had to plan for the funeral. So, we've been up to Idaho last week. I am so glad that she didn't have to suffer and that she went peacefully in her sleep. That's how I want to go peacefully. Well, it was really nice to see family and catch up with the ones from out of state. I'll miss you grandma!! The other reason we have been so busy is because Reed and I had deer tags. Reed's sister Maren was gracious enough to come and stay with the kids. They just loved drawing, having movie time, and playing games.'re the best aunt. We were able to go up for two days. We saw some but didn't get one. Reed and Tait went the next weekend and Tait got a two point. Reed almost got a three point but I had clearly told him if he wasn't home in time for our Halloween party.....(dot dot dot). So, he didn't shoot it. Reed and I got ours last year so it seems appropriate that Tait was the only one that got one this year. Next year...let's go three for three. Hee Hee Well, I am glad that everyone had safe hunt this year. Well, I guess that is what is happening lately. Love hearing what everyone is doing on their blogs.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Abbie's Dresser

My goal for the next month is finishing Abbie's bedroom. Her bedroom has needed painting since we moved in and we finally bought paint on the labor day sale but, still didn't get her room painted until last week. We next turned to doing Abbie's dresser. She helped me to paint her dresser. She picked the color and I love how the stripes turned out. It's not perfect but, when we are all's never perfect at first. Abbie helped me sand it, paint it then stripe it in the lighter pink color. She loved hanging out with mom and I will definetely have her be my little helper anytime.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My new favorite Chair

I finished my chair and it is definetely one of my new favorites. I reupholstered it in microfiber and then made a throw pillow in a damask print. I just love how it turned out!! Not everyone of my ideas worked but, this one seems to work out beautifully. Isaac is so funny because now that he is getting "easy readers" from school and I had just finished my chair he says the next chair I do should be his reading chair or bench...of course, the color he is choosing is green. So, I am on the look out for a cozy green reading chair for his room. It's kinda funny because he pulls me into his room and shows me exactly where it should go and he's right it is the perfect corner to put a cozy reading chair. Good Job, Isaac. Well, I forgot to take a picture of the chair when it was covered in the faded I am including one that is when I was in the middle of the process. ENJOY!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Isaac rides his bike without training wheels

Well, it's official....Isaac rode his bike without training wheels this week. He hasn't ridden his bike all summer because the training wheel broke. This is the second set (after the second set broke...mind you, they were all when they broke...we gave up) and we haven't gotten around to getting more. Abbie wanted to ride Isaac's scooter so Reed grabbed his bike and off he went. It was like he has ridden his bike all summer. We were so stunned that he would just take off but he is kinda like that. He can just pick up something new and just go. We just love that about you are so versatile. Love ya!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Farmington Canyon Picnic

Farmington Canyon Picnic

On monday we went up Farmington Canyon for our annual "see the fall colors" drive. We always take a picnic and have a wonderful time. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There is one picture of kaden where he looks like a racoon because he picked up a rock dovered in dirt and then rubbed his face. It is cute but, I can't post every picture. This year we took up the bench (the one I finished a few weeks ago and blogged about) and sat on it while we sat the camera on the hood of the truck and took family pictures. It was so pretty up there and there is one road...the one with the picture...where the aspens cover over top of the road. That is my favorite part of the road. I am glad that we have made this a family tradition.
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