Saturday, October 11, 2008

My new favorite Chair

I finished my chair and it is definetely one of my new favorites. I reupholstered it in microfiber and then made a throw pillow in a damask print. I just love how it turned out!! Not everyone of my ideas worked but, this one seems to work out beautifully. Isaac is so funny because now that he is getting "easy readers" from school and I had just finished my chair he says the next chair I do should be his reading chair or bench...of course, the color he is choosing is green. So, I am on the look out for a cozy green reading chair for his room. It's kinda funny because he pulls me into his room and shows me exactly where it should go and he's right it is the perfect corner to put a cozy reading chair. Good Job, Isaac. Well, I forgot to take a picture of the chair when it was covered in the faded I am including one that is when I was in the middle of the process. ENJOY!!

1 comment:

  1. So I am still shocked that you bought the microfiber in the first place, but it turned out really cute! I love the pillow, it definatly adds a lot. Issac will love his reading chair :)


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