Friday, February 25, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Abbie came home with a note from school announcing a Daddy Daughter Dance. My initial reaction was that she was too young. Luckily my sister (Abbie's aunt Nichole) was here and couldn't believe my reaction. She told me that what a special thing to have time with just her daddy. It made me re-think my position and when Reed got home from work on time a few days later...I got to work doing Abbie's hair for her special dance.
This is Abbie trying to to look at Daddy while not getting burned by the curling iron. She was so patient while her hair was curled to perfection!
Abbie was SO excited to go to the dance (definetely glad I changed my mind...thanks Nichole). She loves getting her picture taken with her daddy. She's definetely Daddy's little girl!
Once I took a nice picture Abbie tells Daddy, "now let's do some silly faces!" 
Their sily faces! 
Abbie loves her daddy! 

Being a gentleman, Daddy helped her with her coat and off they went to the dance. Reed took her to dinner after the dance (her choice...McDonald's Happy Meals). Reed said that they learned the box step, spins and turns and that Abbie wanted to stay to the very last minute of the dance because they were having so much fun. Reed even told me that Abbie started doing the "robot" dance and that he was following her and having a great time. He even said that he's never seen so many men dancing...trying to show off for their little girls. I am so glad that you two could share this night together and be able to thoroughly enjoy getting dressed up and spending time together. 
Abbie, Daddy loves you SO much and was so glad to spend this dance with you! You are such a fun, happy little dancing lady!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elder G's Home

I can't believe it's been two years already but, we are so excited to have my little brother home from the Tijuana, Mexico Mission. The whole family (after the visit to the cemetery) headed over to the airport to welcome him home!
The board finally changed....showing that Elder G had landed!
While glancing over at the arrival board...who do you see?...that's right...Mitt Romney (former presidential canidate) waiting for a passenger. I wasn't bold enough to go shake his hand but, did capture this picture to prove he was there. Such a Chicken...huh?
Everyone was cheering when the missionaries started down the escalators!
The group waiting for the elders to appear...minus me who was taking the picture.
Mom got the first hug...OF COURSE!!
It was happy reunion.
Uncle Garrett made sure that every neice and nephew got their own hug. What a good uncle!
Abbie gave Garrett a "squish" hug! I didn't capture Isaac getting his hug because I was behind Garrett at the time. Sorry bud!
Garrett was a good sport and ran through the sign after we all got a few pictures. The sign ended up ripping on the corner out of Jordan's hand.
Welcome Home Elder G....we are so proud of you for your service! Love ya!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jacob Merrill Tenney

This blog post has been looming for over a week now and I just have been putting it off. I think because this day ended up being harder than I expected. It is really hard being pregnant and then being reminded of everything we had been through with our precious Jacob made it a little too real. 
I thought I had prepared myself and was ready but, it ended up being a lot harder than I expected.
Family came in town (my brother was flying in from his mission later that afternoon) and were with us to honor our son and place flowers on his headstone. I was glad that the two things ended up being on the same day. My friend reminded me that having something to do was better than sitting home eating chocolate. So, I took this wise advise and we visited the cemetery before heading over to the airport for an anticipated reunion with our missionary.
Our family 
The kids with the flowers and stuffed puppy from my parents. 
We picked this spot because it was close to my grandfather's grave. Jacob is named after my grandfather and it just felt like the right resting place. My grandmother was able to come to the cemetery to put flowers on the headstones and remember those who have passed on. 
Jacob, we know you are waiting for us in Heaven and we know you are happy. We just miss you and are saddened that you couldn't stay with us. A year has passed and yet the memories of you are still vivid in our minds. We love you and miss you, our sweet baby boy.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine Cookie Fun

We had family come for Valentine's evening because of our plans for the next day. I baked my mom's classic sour cream sugar cookies and then we were ready to decorate when everyone arrived. 
What valentine cookie is complete without conversation hearts? 
Isaac wanted me to take his picture like this...he thought his cookie was SO COOL. 
Abbie made cookies for the cousins that were flying in late that night. She didn't want anyone left out! 
Here's Ryans decorated cookie. Great job Ryan! 
Abbie's cookie was LOADED with conversation hearts. 
Kaden liked the juju hearts and sprinkles. It has become quite the tradition to decorate Valentine cookies. Super yummy tradition! 
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knights of the Round Table - CubScouts

This was Isaac's first Pack Meeting as a cub scout and mine as a leader. 
We made some castle brick walls out of cardboard. 
We even added moss (paint) to make it look like an old castle. 
Each of the cubscouts had their pictures taken in the stocks with their parents.
Each cubscout was knighted....Isaac was Sir Obedient. 
The boys loved having their pictures taken with their parents. 
There was jousting. Isaac LOVED this and has really good balance. 
Reed and Isaac had a great time jousting. 
The finger food was served in metal pie plates. Fried Chicken, tator tots, bread, carrot and celery sticks and dip. Everything was eaten without silverware. 

Dessert was blue and gold cupcakes. 
The boys even were able to throw velcrow balls and SLAY the dragon. 
For our first of many pack was a huge success!
Cassy Final
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