Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jacob Merrill Tenney

This blog post has been looming for over a week now and I just have been putting it off. I think because this day ended up being harder than I expected. It is really hard being pregnant and then being reminded of everything we had been through with our precious Jacob made it a little too real. 
I thought I had prepared myself and was ready but, it ended up being a lot harder than I expected.
Family came in town (my brother was flying in from his mission later that afternoon) and were with us to honor our son and place flowers on his headstone. I was glad that the two things ended up being on the same day. My friend reminded me that having something to do was better than sitting home eating chocolate. So, I took this wise advise and we visited the cemetery before heading over to the airport for an anticipated reunion with our missionary.
Our family 
The kids with the flowers and stuffed puppy from my parents. 
We picked this spot because it was close to my grandfather's grave. Jacob is named after my grandfather and it just felt like the right resting place. My grandmother was able to come to the cemetery to put flowers on the headstones and remember those who have passed on. 
Jacob, we know you are waiting for us in Heaven and we know you are happy. We just miss you and are saddened that you couldn't stay with us. A year has passed and yet the memories of you are still vivid in our minds. We love you and miss you, our sweet baby boy.
Cassy Final


  1. What a day for you! We sure love you for your courage and your strength.

  2. Cassy, I thought of you all last week. Remembering a year ago and hoping that today there was the peace only you can feel from a loving Heavenly Father. I think that Heavenly Father sent your brother home from his mission today just so you could get a hug straight from him on such a hard day. Love Ya!


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