Friday, February 25, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Abbie came home with a note from school announcing a Daddy Daughter Dance. My initial reaction was that she was too young. Luckily my sister (Abbie's aunt Nichole) was here and couldn't believe my reaction. She told me that what a special thing to have time with just her daddy. It made me re-think my position and when Reed got home from work on time a few days later...I got to work doing Abbie's hair for her special dance.
This is Abbie trying to to look at Daddy while not getting burned by the curling iron. She was so patient while her hair was curled to perfection!
Abbie was SO excited to go to the dance (definetely glad I changed my mind...thanks Nichole). She loves getting her picture taken with her daddy. She's definetely Daddy's little girl!
Once I took a nice picture Abbie tells Daddy, "now let's do some silly faces!" 
Their sily faces! 
Abbie loves her daddy! 

Being a gentleman, Daddy helped her with her coat and off they went to the dance. Reed took her to dinner after the dance (her choice...McDonald's Happy Meals). Reed said that they learned the box step, spins and turns and that Abbie wanted to stay to the very last minute of the dance because they were having so much fun. Reed even told me that Abbie started doing the "robot" dance and that he was following her and having a great time. He even said that he's never seen so many men dancing...trying to show off for their little girls. I am so glad that you two could share this night together and be able to thoroughly enjoy getting dressed up and spending time together. 
Abbie, Daddy loves you SO much and was so glad to spend this dance with you! You are such a fun, happy little dancing lady!

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