Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our baby Girl is growing up!!

This week Reed and I realized how tall Abbie is getting. All of her pants..now that it's fall...are too short. Where did the time go? She is already three and is looking more and more like a little girl instead of our little baby!! :(

Our handsome boys!!

These are my handsome little boys!! These pictures were taken at the farm by our house. I love the one with Kaden out in the field in his favorite chair. The kids had such a good time at the farm...and there was lots of places to take pictures.

The bench is finished!!!!

Reed and I finally finished our bench. I had to do the upholstery so...I was holding the project up until I got that done. Reed was the craftsman that helped me build it..he had some really great ideas. If you can't tell....the seat is made out of an antique door. I included a picture of the key holes so you would believe me. We had to shorten the door and Reed definetely was in charge of how we were going to do that. He always has great ideas...yes everyone...he is the brains behind a lot of projects...not just the work horse. The creative ideas....I guess I can still take credit for some of those.

Kaden and Isaac

It seems that when you want to take pictures of all your kids...that one usually is more enthusiastic than the others. For me...Kaden took some great photos at the nature park. I love this picture of Isaac too.

Nature Park

Last night for family night we stayed close to home but went on a walk at the nature park by our house. It was fun and the kids loved watching the birds come in to land on the pond. It's a nature conservancy park and so there is lots of wildlife...mostly birds. Here are a few pictures of our family time.

More train station Pictures

I couldn't fit all the pictures I wanted on that last post so...here are the other pictures I just love. I can't decide which ones I want to put in the boys room..so if you have a fav let me know.

Train Station Pictures

We had such a fun family night when we went to the train museum. I was able to take a lot of pictures and had lots of fun! I can't decide which pictures I like best. The kids loved being at the train station and with them having so much fun, it was easy to take their picture. Isaac wanted his picture taken by every color of train...what a boy!! Kaden loved the boxcar and had fun in it. Abbie loved the fountain but the best pictures of her were on the railroad track.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am trying to be a photographer !?!

I tried my hand at taking my own kids yearly photos. I read up on how to take good photos, borrowed my sisters great camera (thanks Jennie) and went on location to try and take a few photos. You'll have to let me know what you think. I made the pettiskirt that Abbie is wearing. Such a fun project...I found the pattern on the internet and away I went. I had to order the special fabric on the internet....you can't find nylon chiffon in UTAH!!! Good thing it's a cheat fabric...even with shipping...because it's so light. Oh well, the project turned out great and Abbie's three year old pictures are so fun!! I took pictures of the boys with trains. I will post their pictures soon.

Design Team

Heartstring Designs asked me to be on a design team and I am thrilled!! We will put together the monthly scrapbook kits and monthly card kits. These people are just great and always have such fun ideas! The team consists of Heather, Kristina, Megan, Diane and Me!! You guys are great to work with!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love Fall!!!

I love this season and as you can tell I am ready for it!! I hung up my antique ladders from the ceiling ( I know...such a surprise from me) and put the vine and fall foliage on it. I hung votives and other little things that I already had in my fall stuff. I love the changing of seasons and can't believe that it's already here.

I love projects!!

I have had a lot of fun refinishing and distressing furniture lately. I have done chairs, tables, a small, short table for the kids play room, and the biggest project has been making a bench out of an antique door. I am finishing the rest of the upholstery today so I will post pictures when it is completely finished.


We went camping this year while Isaac was off track in August. We had a blast. We went with our friends the Ketcham's. It was really fun to be in nature and enjoying each other's company. It's so nice to have good friends that you can do fun things with. The men also took time to be able to go bow hunting. Neither of them got anything but saw a lot of elk and enjoyed being out in the moutains. I am so thankful that all my kids love to go camping. We were able to borrow my aunt and uncles pop-up trailer which made it like a home away from home. Thanks David and Paula for letting us live the high life in the mountains. While we were camping Mandy and I took the kids on a nature hike. We collected leaves, berries, sticks, rocks, anything that the kids thought looked interesting. We were half way through our nature hike (we hadn't made it very far from camp) the men came back for meal time and were able to join us with the kids. We went back to camp and used the leaves and things as stamps and made pictures with paint. The kids had a really great time and the pictures turned out great!!
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