Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love projects!!

I have had a lot of fun refinishing and distressing furniture lately. I have done chairs, tables, a small, short table for the kids play room, and the biggest project has been making a bench out of an antique door. I am finishing the rest of the upholstery today so I will post pictures when it is completely finished.


  1. Ohhh I love projects! You definitely need to post pictures when you're finished!

    Hey I'm not sure if I can come to crop night, Matt is working on a project for school, he's going to try to be back by 9:00 so I can go. Hopefully I'll see you tonight!

  2. Cassy,
    I say once again Martha on steroids! Of course I am just jelous! Hey you have inspired me, after leaving your house last month I went home and painted one wall in my preschool playroom green and one blue. I also created my blog today after being at your house last night! You are inspiring! Check out my blog!


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