Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We went camping this year while Isaac was off track in August. We had a blast. We went with our friends the Ketcham's. It was really fun to be in nature and enjoying each other's company. It's so nice to have good friends that you can do fun things with. The men also took time to be able to go bow hunting. Neither of them got anything but saw a lot of elk and enjoyed being out in the moutains. I am so thankful that all my kids love to go camping. We were able to borrow my aunt and uncles pop-up trailer which made it like a home away from home. Thanks David and Paula for letting us live the high life in the mountains. While we were camping Mandy and I took the kids on a nature hike. We collected leaves, berries, sticks, rocks, anything that the kids thought looked interesting. We were half way through our nature hike (we hadn't made it very far from camp) the men came back for meal time and were able to join us with the kids. We went back to camp and used the leaves and things as stamps and made pictures with paint. The kids had a really great time and the pictures turned out great!!

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