Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinosaur Quarry Reopened

The dinosaur quarry has been closed for a few years being rebuilt. It is now reopened and we all went to see the new structures. It was impressive!! 
The visitor center and book store that used to be combined with this building has been moved down below. Both buildings are an impressive structure!  
The dinosaur wall with tons of dinosaur bones. 
We were given a personal tour with my Dad as the tour guide!! We got all the inside scoop and information! We loved having our own tour guide! 

It's hard to believe unless you go...this whole Morrison formation wall is filled with dinosaur bones. Best in the world! 
It really is spectacular! 
Jordan's girlfriend was wearing my jacket. Jordan gave me his matching scarf and poof....we are matching sista's! 
The bones are so big! Dinosaur bones as big as you and I. 
Our group taking our personal tour. 
Some were sitting with the babies listening to the tour. 

Isaac was very interested in reading all the information. 

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids! What a good lookin' group!
Allisha and her family took a picture in front of the dinosaur bone exhibit. 
This is a very neat dinosaur! 
The bones are SO COOL! 
Grandpa explaining how they learned new things about dinosaurs from this skeleton. 

Looking at the exhibits. Abbie loved this old turtle shell. (probably because we have turtles) 
Small little bones 
Our family in front of the Allosaurus

I wouldn't have wanted to meet this bad boy in real life.....SCARY! 
At the end of thtour there is a section of the wall that you can touch the bones. The kids were in LOVE with this part! They loved measuring themselves against the bones! 
Brooklyn enjoying the exhibit. 
Brooklyn with the dinosaur bones. 
Abbie and Kaden using each other to reach the end of the dinosaur bone. 
Kaden sitting in a hole in the rock. 
Jordan sitting in that same hole....It doesn't look as comfortable for ya Jord!! 
The kids LOVED touching all the bones...quite exciting! 
Kaden was very interested in all the different bones and noticed that each one is labeled. 

The full Allosaurus.....about forty feet long.

Abbie showing me the exhibit! Such an animated tour guide! 
Jordan and Reed entertaining Brooklyn! 
I don't know if she was very impressed! 
Allosaurus Dinosaur Skull 
The exhibit from the other's forty feet long. 
Then we went back down to the Visitor's Center where my dad has his store. 
A tree exhibit at the visitor's center. 
A real dinosaur bone on display taken from the rock face. 
Quote from Earl Douglas...the one who found the dinosaur bones in 1909. 
Each of the grandkids were able to choose a stuffed animal at the store for their Christmas present. Kaden chose a mountain lion...a cougar! 
Abbie chose a blue will add nicely to her stuffed animal collection. 
Isaac chose a Linx. Really cool animal! 
Then we went to see my dad's office...quite the view from your office! 
View of Split Mountain 
Abbie keeping her dinosaur warm. 
Then we all went back to Ashley's new home to eat Japanese food and then the kids found some fun with Dance Partty 3. It was hilarious to watch! 
It didn't matter who had the remotes....they all were participating. 
QUITE the dance party!!! Abbie danced the night away! She loved it!! 
Quite the dance party......
Cassy Final
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