Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holly Days, Light Parade, Dustin's Tree and a lot for one day!

While we spent Thanksgiving with Reed's family this year, Reed took friday off so we went to Vernal to enjoy Holly Days, see the light parade, celebrate my brother Garrett's birthday and cut a Christmas tree. 
The first thing the kids did was to ride the pedal cars at Holly Days. 
Kaden enjoying the festivities. 
Brooklyn all bundled up and warm. She enjoyed all the lights except the loud firetrucks when they honked their horns during the light parade. 
Garrett with his warm beard.....too funny! 
Isaac and Abbie on the pedal cars....the kids really liked the tractors.....they went really fast.
Reed, Brooklyn, Grandma, Garrett, Grandpa and Kaden at Holly Days. 
The light parade!! 
Some of the fun floats. 
This was the most exciting....Tow Mater!!! With his santa hat....the whole truck wobbled back and forth as it drove down the parade route....the kids LOVED it!
My brother Jordan and his girlfriend Kayla were on the Sesame Street float from Zion's Bank! Such a cute Bert and Ernie! Kaden made the funniest comment.....he said, "I didn't know Jordan was YELLOW!!" 
Everyone at the light parade! (Except Reed who was taking the picture) 
Before we headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house we stopped at the Charity festival of Tree's. It was especially important this year since a tree had been done in honor of my Brother who was killed in an automobile accident last year. The proceeds of that tree would benenfit my sister-in-law and their four kids. 
A Harry Potter Tree 
Red and Green Tree 
All Pink Tree for Breast Cancer 
This was Dustin's Tree....all red and white. It was such a nice tree! 
Picture of Ashley and the kids holding a picture of Dustin. The Kevin Orr family decorates a tree every year for someone in the community. They did an excellent job on this tree. It was surreal seeing the tree. It brings back a lot of memories of Dustin. It's still sad to know that he isn't around. The show of compassion and love for his family is touching. 
Thank you Orr family for doing a tree for such a deserving family. 
Tree topped in a bright red star. 
One last look as we eventually moved on through the trees. They were all decorated so nice but, this year they touched close to home. 
After the light parade and all the festivities we all gathered at Mom and Dad's to celebrate Garrett's birthday. His actual birthday was on Thanksgiving this year but, we celebrated when we were all together the next day. The grandkids and I decorated his cake with a appropriate since he just got home from his mission last year from Mexico. 
Blowing out his candles! Happy Birthday Garrett...hopefully your wish will come true! Happy Birthday!Cassy Final

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