Friday, December 30, 2011

Spilled Orange Juice

Have you ever had a day like this and you are thinking.....I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO CLEAN UP A MESS!! Well, on the day of Isaac's party, I had a ton of things to do, go visiting teaching, run to the store and get treats for Isaac's class (they have to be store bought to take to policy), take the treats to Isaac's class, pick up the kids from carpool, get ready for the birthday party that night, and get the extra beds made up so people could stay over. I had been to the store, taken treats to Isaac's class and picked the kids up from carpool and I open the fridge to stick something away and a full gallon of orange juice container falls out (must have hurridly been put away, ha ha) and splits the side of the jug. About half the gallon spills everywhere before I can get it to the sink holding it precariously to the side to save the half gallon of orange juice that was left. I luckily had a half a gallon still in the fridge so I transferred the remaining OJ to the other jug (remember, I have about 15 people to feed for breakfast so I had bought more orange juice for the next morning, that is why I had two jugs of OJ).
I get it transferred and the phone is ringing. I answer it and it's the Relief Society President asking if she can come over to pick up the doors for the ward Christmas party. I just had to take a deep breath......pause....... and ask her if she can wait 10 minutes so I could mop up a huge mess of orange juice off of the floor.
I get it all cleaned up and the doorbell rings and it's the Relief Society President and the first thing she says to me is if she can have a glass of orange juice. It was SO funny!! I just laughed!!

This was just one of those life moments when you either laugh or cry. I chose to laugh! Even though life will probably be it's crazy self and will be just as hectic tomorrow!! I hope I can still laugh tomorrow or the next day when it's another spilled orange juice day!!
Cassy Final

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