Friday, December 30, 2011

Temple Square Lights

 We went to see the Temple Square Lights on December 16, 2011. 
Isaac's Birthday was spent with LOTS of family! His birthday was the same day as the Millett Christmas party so when everyone came in town the night before, we planned a celebration! First on the list was seeing the lights at Temple Square.
Isaac has now turned 9 years old and is such a delight to have in our family! We all met at 5:30 p.m. at Temple Square to see the Nativity and Christmas lights. Then back to our house later for dinner, presents, cake and icecream.
Everyone met by the reflecting pool and it was one of the most beautiful sights on Temple Square. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were set in the middle of the reflecting pool. Beautiful! 
Abbie waiting for all the cousins to show up! 
After everyone meeting at the reflecting pool, we walked around by the church office building to see the nativities from other countries.
Dad Millett 
Kaden and Abbie....little buddies tonight! 
Isaac loved the waterfalls with all the red trees. So pretty. 
Nativities from other countries. 
Ashley, Mari and Courtney on the pedestal in front of the temple. 
Asian Nativity 
Jordan on the pedestal in front of the temple. 
Mari, Kai Courtney and Abbie enjoying the lights. 
Our group (except those taking the picture...ha ha) under the Red Tree. 
Aunt Maren came to enjoy the lights with us. This is her getting a big hug before she had to go.You can see Isaac in the back squeezing everyone together! 

Garrett and Caitlyn finally showed up and we enjoyed the rest of temple square. 
We saw the nativity. Although we spent a few minutes looking for the boys who had gotten lost. They stayed put once they realized they were lost (someone remembered what they learned in cubscouts) and Reed was able to find them in just a few minutes. Then we enjoyed the rest of the nativity. 
It is such a nice program. 
Then we went to the Christus statue! Kayla had never been to see the Christus statue and it was really neat showing it to the kids too for the first time. 
After the program everyone is invited to see it up close. Our oldest three went right to the feet of the statue. It was one of those moments as a mother when it just melts our heart. It was so precious to see the kids wanting to be close to the statue of Jesus. 
Reed took the opportunity to go and talk to the kids about the statue. It was really neat to see. 
Then after the statue we went down the hall and viewed all the painting of scriptural events. 
It was fun seeing Kayla see everything for the first time. 
Then we decided to go see temple square from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Abbie's head got cold so dad traded her for her earmuff's. She thought it was hilarious!! Such a good dad!! 
The best view of Temple Square is from the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
Brooklyn enjoying the scenery. 
The kids at the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
The oldest three. 
Then, as we were heading back to the car we noticed that Ashley and her kids were having their carriage ride, right in front of us. I hurried and grabbed the camera to get a picture but, it wasn't on the best setting. So, the pictures weren't too clear. 
Plus, cars were constantly passing between us. 
The best picture of their carriage ride around temple square. Looks fun!!Cassy Final

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