Friday, December 30, 2011

Sugar Cookies with the Cousins

My two sister's brought their kids over so they could do some last minute shopping. I told them we were making sugar cookies so everyone should come help. It was a ton of fun and a little messy! We had a great time! 
The counter has been floured and we are ready to roll out the cookie dough. 
Rolling out the dough! 
Everyone excited to get cutting out some cookies! 
Everyone cut a ton of cookies....there was plenty since I had made a double batch. 
Everyone cut their favorite shape and we put it on a cookie sheet. 
Ready to cook our first batch so we can decorate with icing! 
Gunnar had been playing with toys and I had put aprons on everyone but, he snuck in and started cutting cookies without me noticing. So, no apron for him....luckily flour vacumns off of clothes and even his cute spikey hair. Phew...I won't be in trouble with his mom!! 
The kids loved this!! 
We made sure we had enough flour to dip our cookie cutter's in so they wouldn't stick. 
Good thing vacumns can clean this up.....he looked brand new with a little vacumning....and he thought it tickled...which was SO CUTE!! 
Before I could put my camera away, Abbie wanted a picture with her school Christmas tree, present and snowman scene she made at her school Christmas party. Very nice Abbie!!
It was very fun making cookies and memories with the cousins!
Cassy Final

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