Thursday, September 24, 2009

The find of the Day!!! Perhaps of the whole week!!

I This was the best find today and probably of my whole week!! It is a 1940-1960's armoire. It had a door on one side for clothes and drawers and a cupboard on the other side. I noticed that it was a cool peice but asked the owner if the drawers were really missing. He said that they were missing. I definetely thought...I could make these shelves for baskets and such. I then asked him the price...
"Well, how about three dollars?" he said.
I was seriously in shock so I had to ask him again. You really mean three dollars.
"Sold," I said.
I had just taken the kids to preschool so my tahoe was full of carseats. So I had to move the carseats to the front seat and lay the seats down and I brought it home with me.
The other funny thing is that it's a cash only store...and guess what...I didn't even have three dollars with me. I had never been to this new place before. So I had to go across the street to the grocery some licorice..Yum...and then get ten dollars in cash back. I got a little laugh out of that one. Such a great deal and no cash to buy it with.
So here it it's original glory!!! Can't you see the potential?!!!??
Cassy Final

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special Bond

Abbie and her grandma!! This picture is really fun because I was packing the kids clothes to go to my sister's baby blessing. I was telling them what to bring and they would bring it to the bag in the hallway and I would pack the bag for them. I wanted them to have a say in what they decided to wear and also to help me pack. Definetely not always my favorite job...packing!! I asked the boys to pick a suit and for Abbie to pick a sunday dress. She picked out her black and white dress and said..."This one will be perfect." Little did she and I know that my mom was wearing all black and white also to the baby blessing.
They share more than just a name...they really have a special bond. They even dress alike. So fun!!
I'm really glad that I get to share that special bond that I have with my mom with my daughter. Grandma's have always had a special place in my heart and I know that they are for Abbie as well. Grandma's have a way of making one feel so special and that they are so important. I love you grandma's, even if you aren't both still here. Your memories of how I felt with you will stay with me for a lifetime!!
Cassy FinalAbbie has a really special bond with her grandma!! They share the name of "GEORGIA". I've always loved the name and it fit Abbie when we first saw her. Everyone says that Abigail Georgia sounds like a southern sound to it and they say it fits her because she looks like a southern

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farmington Canyon Picnic for Labor Day

This year for Labor Day we went up Farmington Canyon for a Hot Dog Roast and picnic. Our friends the Ketcham's came with us!! The kids love playing together! Such a fun way to end the day for Labor Day! Although looking at these sure doesn't look like a laborous day!
This is seriously the view as we ate dinner. I didn't even move out of my chair that I was eating in to take the pictures. Crazy huh!! Now you know why we love to go to Farmington Canyon for picnics.
I stepped back to take a picture of the of our little picnic with the view...amazing!!
We took hot dogs to cook and then used the volcano to cook smores over!! The kids loved the smores...who doesn't!! kaden was trying to get his..."BLACK!!"....but as you can see...he never put it very close to the flames...hard to get black when you are a ways from the flame. Oh well, he stuck too it and eventually caught it on fire. I guess he got what he wanted. He said it was delicious eventhough I love them perfectly golden brown.
This is the view as the sun went down over antelope island. Pretty huh?!!
The kids made up their own games of running up and down the small hill right next to our picnic site.
Cassy Final

Such Joy as a Young Child

How many of us remember doing this to our dad's when we were little. Abbie just jumped on reed's foot and said, "Daddy, take me for a ride!" Reed complied but as he got faster...Abbie was laughing so hard she fell off. So it looks like she hit the floor but, she is just laughing too hard!! This reminded me of doing this when I was little. Such joy as a child!!
Cassy Final

First Day of Preschool

This is Abbie and Kaden's first day of Preschool. Abbie goes to the 4 year old class and Kaden goes to the 3 year old class at the same school....AT THE SAME TIME!!!
I thought I was so excited to have just over two hours of free time!! I dropped them off.....and came home to an silent house. It was really weird. I had been so excited to be able to have just a little bit of free time to myself but, it was just too quiet. So, in the time they were gone....I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. So that when they came home they could have milk and cookies. I know...what a sap!! But, I was really surprised at my reaction. They absolutely loved their preschool. Abbie really loves the singing room. (They rotate through the lesson room, art room, music room and such) Kaden has really become brave. He was so shy and has really just blossomed. I love that they are growing up to be such great little people but sad that it has come already. Love you all!! Isaac really is loving the first grade. He has a great teacher and is loving learning. I can't believe that you are all growing up so fast!!
Cassy Final

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boating with Friends

We went boating on Utah Lake and we had never been on that lake before!! It was really fun even though it got a little cold as we were done!! We had been rained out that morning so it wasn't until afternoon before we got on the lake! The kids had a great time and we did too!!
The kids did so good ont he water weiney....even though I was a little nervous with the small kids and KIT driving the boat!! He tends to want people to fly off...I don't know why that is!! LOL
We had such a good time boating with our friends the Erickson's. We don't get to spend near enough time with them and it's definetely been too long since we hung out with you guys!!
I was really impressed how well Reed did on the ski's. It's definetely NOT my forte!! I was good to go on the water weiney with the kids!
The girls had a great time together!!
Thanks for the invite guys!! We had a blast!!
Cassy Final

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reed's Employee Party

This year for St. Mark's Employee Party, they had a Luau/carnival of sorts. They had all the blow-up slides and things to climb on. The kids had never had cotton candy before. I hadn't realized they had never had it before! Such a fun new experience! Kaden loved the "Light Saber" Sticks when he was done with his cotton candy.
They had polynesian entertainment after Dinner, which was provided by Famous Dave's BBQ. Yummy!!
Kids in the bounce house. Kaden was too chicken to go in without Reed. Oh well, someday he'll be brave enough to do it. I agree with him...with bigger kids like Isaac, it did look a little scary.
Snow cone!! Yummy Treat!
Kaden loved that he got a blue snowcone...seems to be his favorite color lately. I wonder why!!?!!
These were huge slides and the kids thought they were scary and great fun!
The shark slide was the kids favorite. You climbed up the side of his body then slid down his throat to come out of his jaw!! This is a double pike slide. You climbed up one side...slid down and then you had to duplicate this on the other side to get out of it! The slide would end at the bottom of the other slides ladder and you would have to climb up then slide down back to the end of the ride. The kids really liked this one too!!
Cassy Final
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