Saturday, September 19, 2009

Special Bond

Abbie and her grandma!! This picture is really fun because I was packing the kids clothes to go to my sister's baby blessing. I was telling them what to bring and they would bring it to the bag in the hallway and I would pack the bag for them. I wanted them to have a say in what they decided to wear and also to help me pack. Definetely not always my favorite job...packing!! I asked the boys to pick a suit and for Abbie to pick a sunday dress. She picked out her black and white dress and said..."This one will be perfect." Little did she and I know that my mom was wearing all black and white also to the baby blessing.
They share more than just a name...they really have a special bond. They even dress alike. So fun!!
I'm really glad that I get to share that special bond that I have with my mom with my daughter. Grandma's have always had a special place in my heart and I know that they are for Abbie as well. Grandma's have a way of making one feel so special and that they are so important. I love you grandma's, even if you aren't both still here. Your memories of how I felt with you will stay with me for a lifetime!!
Cassy FinalAbbie has a really special bond with her grandma!! They share the name of "GEORGIA". I've always loved the name and it fit Abbie when we first saw her. Everyone says that Abigail Georgia sounds like a southern sound to it and they say it fits her because she looks like a southern

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