Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reed's Employee Party

This year for St. Mark's Employee Party, they had a Luau/carnival of sorts. They had all the blow-up slides and things to climb on. The kids had never had cotton candy before. I hadn't realized they had never had it before! Such a fun new experience! Kaden loved the "Light Saber" Sticks when he was done with his cotton candy.
They had polynesian entertainment after Dinner, which was provided by Famous Dave's BBQ. Yummy!!
Kids in the bounce house. Kaden was too chicken to go in without Reed. Oh well, someday he'll be brave enough to do it. I agree with him...with bigger kids like Isaac, it did look a little scary.
Snow cone!! Yummy Treat!
Kaden loved that he got a blue snowcone...seems to be his favorite color lately. I wonder why!!?!!
These were huge slides and the kids thought they were scary and great fun!
The shark slide was the kids favorite. You climbed up the side of his body then slid down his throat to come out of his jaw!! This is a double pike slide. You climbed up one side...slid down and then you had to duplicate this on the other side to get out of it! The slide would end at the bottom of the other slides ladder and you would have to climb up then slide down back to the end of the ride. The kids really liked this one too!!
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