Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farmington Canyon Picnic for Labor Day

This year for Labor Day we went up Farmington Canyon for a Hot Dog Roast and picnic. Our friends the Ketcham's came with us!! The kids love playing together! Such a fun way to end the day for Labor Day! Although looking at these sure doesn't look like a laborous day!
This is seriously the view as we ate dinner. I didn't even move out of my chair that I was eating in to take the pictures. Crazy huh!! Now you know why we love to go to Farmington Canyon for picnics.
I stepped back to take a picture of the of our little picnic with the view...amazing!!
We took hot dogs to cook and then used the volcano to cook smores over!! The kids loved the smores...who doesn't!! kaden was trying to get his..."BLACK!!"....but as you can see...he never put it very close to the flames...hard to get black when you are a ways from the flame. Oh well, he stuck too it and eventually caught it on fire. I guess he got what he wanted. He said it was delicious eventhough I love them perfectly golden brown.
This is the view as the sun went down over antelope island. Pretty huh?!!
The kids made up their own games of running up and down the small hill right next to our picnic site.
Cassy Final

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