Saturday, December 3, 2011

Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree!

We drove up the mountain by Vernal to cut our own Christmas tree. The tree permit is only $10 for up to a fifteen foot tree but, the memories are worth way more than that! 
Grandma held Brooklyn for a while as we searched for the perfect tree! 
Brooklyn and Grandma giving Eskimo kisses!! SO CUTE!! 
This is the first time the kids have really been able to play in the snow! They found walking sticks, made snow angels and used the crunchy top layer to build things...they had a blast. 
Abbie found a walking stick that was taller than she was...maybe a little too tall darling. 
Kaden loved walking on the fallen logs....he said they were like trampolines. 
Abbie and her walking stick. 
Isaac said it was best to walk in the fresh snow where it was crunchy because he could walk on top of the snow. 
He fell through a couple of times and would be laughing..he thought it was so funny. 
Ashley found her tree first...perfect for her new house. 
Mom and Dad, Garrett and Jordan found their perfect tree! It will look great when everyone comes home for Christmas! 
Jordan...I mean GQ 
This is our perfect Christmas tree. We had to look at lots to make sure this was the perfect one and it that it is home and's  BEAUTIFUL!! 
Abbie and Kaden helped cut part of the tree. 
Kaden and Abbie cutting down the Christmas tree. 
Isaac helping to cut the 15 foot tall Christmas tree. Mom likes lots of extra pine bowes to decorate with! 
Ashley and the kids getting ready to drag the tree back up to the trucks through the snow. 
Our Christmas tree cut and ready to be taken home.
The trees all loaded up on Dad's trailor. Everyone enjoyed some hot chocolate and the kids played a little longer in the snow. 
Isaac's SnowAngel 
Abbie making her snow angel. 
Abbie and Isaac making more snow angels. 
Abbie enjoying the snow.
Mari and Brooklyn smiling and laughing at each other. It was the perfect warm wintery day to cut a Christmas tree!!! 

Isaac was the last one in the car because he was building with the crunchy layer of snow clear up until we left. He loves the snow!! It was such a grand time searching for the perfect Christmas tree!! It is such a fun tradition!!
Cassy Final

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