Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

Everyone meeting upstairs getting ready to go down and see what Santa brought....early morning!! 
Kids waiting for everyone to arrive to go see what santa was really early!! 
All the grandkids ready to go downstairs to see what Santa brought! 
The kids each received a fishing pole (maybe dad can actually fish and not be untangling the baby fishing pole can hope anyways), camp chair and a toy! So much fun!! 
The favorite toy the kids received were the spy gear that they've been wanting for EVER(just ask them) and nerf guns. 
I love this pic because it's Brooklyn's first Christmas! 
Kaden looking at his spy gear. 
Brooklyn was excited about her laugh and learn play table and elephant ball popper! 
We had Jordan for Christmas and he received wool pants (exactly what he asked for!) 
Abbie's wrapped gift from Mom and Dad was basketball shoes!! She was So excited...she put them on immediately!! 
Abbie is playing Jr. Jazz and has been wearing her light up sketchers...boy! are they bright on the basketball floor...she asked for new shoes! She needed real tennishoes! 
Isaac sporting his nerf gear...they were real serious about their nerf dart tag game...too fun! 
Everyone went in on mom and dad's gift. Mom received a new quilt and sham's (not too exciting but, it's what she wanted) and dad was SUPER surprised with his new Glok hand gun (his last gun was ruined and he always talked about this gun being a long ways away gun...if he ever came into money....this is what he would get). We all pulled together and got him a huge surprise! 
Isaac and Kaden received a duo gift which was a new acrylic basketball hoop for their room. They received small basketballs from our trip to Kansas and they needed something they could play with them. They have been using their night vision goggles(the spy gear) to play basketball at night. Needless to say, they still get in trouble playing with or without the lights on after they are supposed to be in bed....ASLEEP!! (too funny, they have figured out using their night vision goggles to play basketball...creative kiddo's) 
Brooklyn's first Christmas and was loved on by everyone!! Merry Christmas Baby girl!
Merry Christmas everyone! So glad we were able to spend Christmas with everyone at home. It was SO much fun!
Cassy Final

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