Friday, December 30, 2011

Isaac is 9 Years Old

After going to see the lights on Temple Square, we all headed back to our house for food and celebration. Isaac requested pizza so we ordered it once we were in the car and picked it up on the way to the house. It was a little later than we planned on being back to the house but, some had never seen temple square before so it was worth being a little late to see the Christus statue and Joseph Smith Memorial building's top floor to see the view over Temple Square. 
Our house was packed with people it was a blast having everyone there. We enjoyed pizza, fruit, salad and some soda then everyone was ready for presents. 
The big group. 
Isaac was so cute wishing everyone something before he opened their gift. He is such a sweet boy and wished his aunt Ashley a happy life even though she doesn't have a husband. There was an audable "Ahhh" over the room and it was so sweet. (Side note: we had home evening the monday before and it was about the widow's mite....the kids asked lots of questions about what is a widow and to explain it....we used aunt Ashley as an example so the kids could understand from their life perspective.) It's nice to know that your kids are listening when you are doing family home evening and it was so sweet that Isaac understands and wishes Ashley a happy life even though it is difficult. 
It was SO much fun having most of the cousins there for his birthday party. Abbie and Kaden have since said that they wished their birthday's were in December but, Mom is glad that isn't the case. It's a little tricky having a birthday so close to Christmas. 
Grandma's and Grandpa's at Isaac's Birthday party. 
Isaac with his last gift....trying to decide what to wish mom and dad. 
It's a Nerf CS-6 longstrike and it was the hit of the party!! 
Then we lit the candles on the cake and then ate cake and icecream. 
The rest of that night and the next had to be careful if you went down the hallway because the boys were using the nerf guns with the target. They had tons of fun!!!  
Happy Birthday Isaac! You are a joy to have in our family. We can't believe everything you are learning at school and are still amazed that you are in typing classes (yeah...shocking since neither Reed or I took typing classes until Junior High) and that you love math so much! You are a really smart boy and we love you so much! Mom and Dad are proud of you and Mom is excited to have you in Bear cubscouts with her this year! Love you buddy!!
Cassy Final

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