Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Doctor News

On tuesday I had another doctor appointment. It was a great, happy appointment! Yeah! I now go every two weeks for appointments and I can't believe that we are on the downward slope of this pregnancy.  Every appointment we get to see our precious little girl on ultrasound. It's not the full blown ultrasound that you get at 20 weeks but, the doctor is very attentive to every detail because I want to make sure EVERYTHING is okay. My doctor is great with us and has been with us through every one of our pregnancies.

I am actually very grateful that I go every two weeks now. By about every two weeks, I am a ball of nerves again and need to see our little girl doing great to calm my nerves (we are also coming up on Jacob's birth date, which doesn't help the nerves). I wish I could put everything aside and just revel in the experience but, it is what it is and we are dealing the best we can. 
I love this new ultrasound picture. She loves to sleep with her hands by her face. It will be interesting to see her still do that once she is born.
To celebrate happy news that our little girl is doing great, we celebrated. Just simply but, Kaden had been asking for homemade lasagna for about two weeks so this was the perfect occasion. It was also the day of Reed's first Anatomy test and he aced his test so it really was a celebration.
So we celebrated good things for the day....because sometimes you just need to celebrate the little things.
Cassy Final


  1. Congrats! I didn't know that you were expecting!

  2. So excited for you cassie. Way to celebrate the little things. I know things will be easier as this new little 1 comes into the world.


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