Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knights of the Round Table - CubScouts

This was Isaac's first Pack Meeting as a cub scout and mine as a leader. 
We made some castle brick walls out of cardboard. 
We even added moss (paint) to make it look like an old castle. 
Each of the cubscouts had their pictures taken in the stocks with their parents.
Each cubscout was knighted....Isaac was Sir Obedient. 
The boys loved having their pictures taken with their parents. 
There was jousting. Isaac LOVED this and has really good balance. 
Reed and Isaac had a great time jousting. 
The finger food was served in metal pie plates. Fried Chicken, tator tots, bread, carrot and celery sticks and dip. Everything was eaten without silverware. 

Dessert was blue and gold cupcakes. 
The boys even were able to throw velcrow balls and SLAY the dragon. 
For our first of many pack was a huge success!
Cassy Final

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