Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elder G's Home

I can't believe it's been two years already but, we are so excited to have my little brother home from the Tijuana, Mexico Mission. The whole family (after the visit to the cemetery) headed over to the airport to welcome him home!
The board finally changed....showing that Elder G had landed!
While glancing over at the arrival board...who do you see?...that's right...Mitt Romney (former presidential canidate) waiting for a passenger. I wasn't bold enough to go shake his hand but, did capture this picture to prove he was there. Such a Chicken...huh?
Everyone was cheering when the missionaries started down the escalators!
The group waiting for the elders to appear...minus me who was taking the picture.
Mom got the first hug...OF COURSE!!
It was happy reunion.
Uncle Garrett made sure that every neice and nephew got their own hug. What a good uncle!
Abbie gave Garrett a "squish" hug! I didn't capture Isaac getting his hug because I was behind Garrett at the time. Sorry bud!
Garrett was a good sport and ran through the sign after we all got a few pictures. The sign ended up ripping on the corner out of Jordan's hand.
Welcome Home Elder G....we are so proud of you for your service! Love ya!
Cassy Final

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