Thursday, March 3, 2011

The power of a Grandma

I called my mom today to ask something simple and Abbie was sitting right next to me. Abbie asked who I was talking to and asked to speak to grandma Millett. They had a chat about how it was snowing and the next thing I know...Abbie says we have to make a snowman and take a picture to send to grandma. We had a few errands to run but, as soon as we got back the kids donned their snow gear and they were determined to make a snowman. 
Abbie and Kaden built most of the snowman so, Isaac decided to add the ears on top to make it a mickey mouse snowman. 
So, enjoy your picture of the was made especially for you Grandma Millett.  I just hope this is the last snow of the season because I am ready for spring. 
Abbie's snow angel! 
The snowman lasted longer than I thought because it was leaning from the get-go. So, when it lasted a few days...I was surprised. Nice snowman kiddo's!
Cassy Final

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