Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Little Helper

While taking picture of my new project, Abbie jumps in and wants pictures with the bench. She definetely deserves to be in the picture because she was my big helper.
She helped me paint the under part of the bench in brown and black paints. I let her stay up 10 minutes past bedtime and she was in heaven. She kept asking me, "How are you doing over there?" As we painted away, past her bedtime. She was so happy to be able to help me and I loved spending time with her. She just makes me smile! She loves to help me with my projects and I love to have such a great helper. I love that we got to just talk and giggle!
This part of the project was perfect to have her help with. I needed the black and brown paint spots random, so I could add melted wax and then paint to acheive a new technique that I had thought of. I tried something new and it paid off...and you can check it out on my design blog to see the entire project.
Cassy Final

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