Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kaden Riding Without Training Wheels

Kaden is four and finally asked to have his training wheels taken off!  
I can't believe my little boy is big enough to want his training wheels off! 
Reed got quite the workout, holding onto the back of Kaden's seat running around the cul-de-sac...again....and again. Finally, Kaden was ready to have Dad let go and he's been on his own since and LOVES it. 
Isaac and Abbie were Kaden's biggest cheerleaders. They kept telling him how Awesome he was doing and that he is a real big boy now. It was so cute to see them cheering for their little brother. Best little buddies! 
Reed taking off the training wheels./ 

Kaden being brave and riding without training wheels. Our little boy is growing up!
Cassy Final

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  1. Thats pretty cool Kaden!! I guess it makes a difference having older siblings. Lynee and Bry still are just riding their tricycles.


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