Monday, March 21, 2011

First Dance Competition

This was Abbie's dance groups first competition. The little girls and older Jazz Comp girls performed a dance routine of three different songs.  It was so fun to watch and more had fun!! 
I  can't believe how hard it was to get the mascara on your eyelashes without them touching your cheek before they dried. If we could all be so lucky to have such long eyelashes! 
This is the girls practicing on the "practice stage" before they performed. 
Getting ready to perform. 
You can see Abbie smiling at me from the end of the row! Love you Abbie!
Here's proof that the boys were there....I was there too but, someone had to be behind the camera.
Every girl was given a participation trophy! Abbie was so excited that it was pink and matched her costume!
Abbie was so excited to show her brothers....they were as excited as she was!
Abbie skipped the whole way to the car! I am so glad that you had fun because that's the most important thing! This was a great practice before the dance academy performs at the JAZZ GAME on Thursday!! We can't wait to see you perform the JAZZ pre-show (Jazz Comp Girls do the pre-show and the Show-Time Girls will perform at the half-time performance) and then we get to enjoy a professional basketball game as a family. This is exciting for the entire family because we've never been to a JAZZ game! The boys are excited to see a professional basketball game and it's perfect timing because the kids are off track! Your dad and I are so proud of you Abbie! You did great and we are so glad that you had fun because that really is the most important part!! Love ya!!



  1. Way to go Abbie! Your first dance competition is so exciting. Looks like you did a great job. I bet you love your trophy, its pretty special :)

  2. She looks adorable! I am so happy for her I have many happy memories of dance competitions! What fun!


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