Thursday, March 31, 2011

The big 35!

My handsome hubby just turned 35!! I actually pulled off a surprise party with some family and friends. I really didn't think I could pull it off when Reed was wanting to grill the hamburgers at 3 o'clock and I didn't have people showing up until 5:30 p.m. I gave him some lame excuses about needing my potato salad to chill. That won me a few hours but, at 5 o'clock he turned on the grill to warm. I knew I needed to stall him until 5:30 but, he was hungry and ready to eat. He knew I wanted to cook him a nice dinner and we were going to make gourmet burgers but, when he was ready to put the meat on the grill I had to send him downstairs to the pantry for a jar of pickles and other things. He was getting a little annoyed that everytime he went into the garage to get the burgers out of the freezer to put on the grill, I would call him back in to do something else. Finally the doorbell rings and I call him back from the garage to go get the door. He looked a little annoyed at me that I couldn't get the door but, it was all worth the surprise!! Happy Surprise Birthday Party Reed!!
The kids playing heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head!! (I love fun traditions) 
Kaden giving his dad a new pair of scrubs. 
Even some of our friends kids got into the action. 
Our little nephew LOVED Reed's gifts...especially the tools. 
I gave Reed a nice frame with our family pictures for his new office. 
Reed asked for homemade German Chocolate Cake! The icing is the yummiest part!! 
I had to use the candles in a "dice" configuration because I didn't have 35 candles. So, he got a simple three candles and five candles to spell 35. It's probably best...don't want to set the fire alarm off!! Hee Hee Love ya honey!! 
Reed blowing out his candles...hopefully all his wishes will come true!Cassy Final I love you and was excited that I could surprise you for your birthday! Love ya tons and Happy Birthday!!


  1. Great Job!!! Happy Birthday Reed! He has good taste...that is my favorite kind of cake!!!

  2. And... another card not sent... I'm just hitting a hundred lately. Glad that the 35 year old had a great day!! Happy Birthday Reed


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