Monday, October 13, 2008

Abbie's Dresser

My goal for the next month is finishing Abbie's bedroom. Her bedroom has needed painting since we moved in and we finally bought paint on the labor day sale but, still didn't get her room painted until last week. We next turned to doing Abbie's dresser. She helped me to paint her dresser. She picked the color and I love how the stripes turned out. It's not perfect but, when we are all's never perfect at first. Abbie helped me sand it, paint it then stripe it in the lighter pink color. She loved hanging out with mom and I will definetely have her be my little helper anytime.


  1. Cassy that is so neat how you can just do those things! I need some of those creative genes over here. You all look like you’re doing fantastic; it’s crazy how fast your kido’s are all growing up. I sometimes get to thinking about the short time I spent with your family, I kind of miss it. Thanks again for taking me in… you’re the best! You will have to do some sort of a furniture restoration demo at the nest reunion ~wink~

  2. So I love it! So cute with the stripes! I only have one suggestion, I think you should paint the inside of the desk pink too. Stripes would be fun in it as well. That is my only suggestion, but it is ADORABLE! Good Job. I wanted to see pics of her whole room though. Maybe next time when you get high speed internet :)

  3. Too Cute! Well I don't know if cute is good enough, it is beautiful! I can't wait to see her whole room, she may have to have a late night the next crop night, or a slumber party in another room!:)


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