Friday, October 10, 2008

Isaac rides his bike without training wheels

Well, it's official....Isaac rode his bike without training wheels this week. He hasn't ridden his bike all summer because the training wheel broke. This is the second set (after the second set broke...mind you, they were all when they broke...we gave up) and we haven't gotten around to getting more. Abbie wanted to ride Isaac's scooter so Reed grabbed his bike and off he went. It was like he has ridden his bike all summer. We were so stunned that he would just take off but he is kinda like that. He can just pick up something new and just go. We just love that about you are so versatile. Love ya!!


  1. Way to go Isaac! How nice is that, teaching all of our kids to ride was torturous! They must take after me, I think I was like 10 when I learned!:)


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