Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Costumes and Carnival

This is a picture of the kids before we went to the carnival! We have a Jedi, Snow White and Anakin Skywalker! They were really excited to go! This is the first year that I didn't dress them as a theme although I did think about making Abbie princess leigha but, she wanted to be snow white so, I let the dream go of having a theme and let them be what they wanted!! It was a really fun time!
The kids doing a cake walk at the carnival! In the picture with me...if you look in the background our little neighbor girl is dressed as a peacock. Her mom and I dyed the tights and shirt to match the tutu she had made. SOOO cute!! The headband was to die for it was so cute!! This picture is right after the kids went through a blown-up haunted house to get to the candy. Last year they were too scared to do stuff like that but, this year they loved it!
The kids at the carnival..they set up a little hay stack for pictures.
Isaac showing us his Jedi moves!
Cassy Final

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