Thursday, March 15, 2012

Isaac's Habitat Project

Isaac did his 3rd grade habitat project on the artic/tundra. Isaac's favorite animal is the artic fox so this, obviously was what he wanted his habitat project on. We had to have at least one plant (which was really difficult because the only plants in this habitat is moss and lichen). So, we showed this habitat in two different seasons.  
Isaac wanted to show what it was like in the warmer times of the year with the lichen, moss and small plants, Of course, with a bear fishing in the stream for salmon. 
And the other season of winter where the artic fox looks so cool because it blends into it's habitat. We used salt dough to create the base, let it dry a day and then added salt for snow and painted the rocks and moss/lichen. We added in a salmon in the water and a squirrel painted on one of the rocks. There aren't a ton of animals in the artic so he chose his favorites.

Isaac painted a fox we got at the craft store white because the artic fox isn't an animal you can readily find (go figure). Isaac did a great job on his project with a tiny bit of help from his mom showing him how to paint to make moss look like moss and boulders look like rocks. Isaac glued the snow on and painted his artic fox.
Brooklyn and Mom were able to go see his habitat project at school during the 3rd grade habitat open house. Isaac was excited to show me his in his classroom and we went and toured other classes. Some went all out and had real waterfalls in their rain forrest but, Isaac was just as proud with his project and I was happy because it was HIS project, not mine. We are proud of you Isaac for your hard work. Love ya Buddy!
Cassy Final

Friday, March 2, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance

Abbie and Daddy went to the Daddy Daughter Dance and had a Blast! They danced all night and Abbie loved that her daddy got her a pink rose. She was smelling clear up until she went to bed.
Abbie had Daddy tie balloons to her dress tie so she could dance the night away in style. 
Daddy gave her a bear and a rose to remember the evening. Abbie was in Love!
They had a great evening and I was happy to snap a few pictures when they came home after the dance. A night to remember!
Cassy Final
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