Monday, January 24, 2011

Reed accepted a New Job

It's official. Reed got a new job. Reed accepted the job offer from Salt Lake Regional Medical Center as the Assistant Director for the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department.
We are excited about this new job offer and we took a lot of time making sure that this is what was best for our family. This is a big change for us and yet we are excited for the new opportunities. Who knew we would ever be on the 9-5 schedule?!? In nine years of marriage, we have always had a rotating schedule so, this will be new challenge (maybe for the better?!). We know it will be a lot of learning and growth but, we are embracing this new way to stretch and grow.
We feel blessed at this new opportunity and know this is where we are supposed to be. We still have our long term goals of the master's degree (nurse anesthetist) and Reed is still taking his Anatomy class and Anatomy Lab this semester so we will be busy but, we are excited about this new opportunity.

Congratulations Reed!!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Isaac starts Cub Scouts

It just keeps coming...a whole bunch of firsts. I just can't believe that time has passed enough that he could be old enough to go to cub scouts. I can't believe how time flies! It will be another year until he is old enough to be in bear cub scout pack with me but, I will be patient for that because that means he's another year older. He was so excited to go for the first time! 
I just love all his missing teeth! They are just now starting to come back in. He has had quite the hole in the front and it will be nice to have his teeth back to eat! Isaac we are so proud of you and are excited that you are already working on your bob cat. Always keep that enthusiasm and desire in everything you do and you will go far! Love you buddy!
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Isaac's Baptism

  Your father and I are so proud of you and your decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are eight year's old and we can't believe that you are already old enough to be baptized. It felt surreal that we had a son old enough to be getting baptized but, were very excited at your decision to become a member of the church. 
Your father was happy to be able to baptize you. It was so fun to see how excited you were to get dressed in your all-white clothing. You listened to all the talks given by your grandmother's at your baptism and were very attentive. You even gave your classic thumbs-up when you liked the talks. It was also neat that Abbie and Kaden were willing to give the opening and closing prayers and were excited to be a part of your baptism. They look up to you so much and we are so grateful for the example you set for your younger brother and sister.
After being baptized your father asked you how you felt. You answered "cold right now" (being all wet). He then asked you how you felt inside. You answered "125 degrees". We hope you always remember that feeling which is the Holy Ghost testifying that what you were doing what your Heavenly Father asked you to do. 
Priesthood holders that were able to stand in the circle to confirm you. (Not Pictured: Brother Bird, 1st Counselor in the bishopbric, Uncle David Millett due to picture taken at the house afterwards) 
After the baptism we went back to our house and had banana split sundae's with every different kind of topping you can want. Yummy! 

Everyone visiting and eating their banana splits! 
Reed and Maren with grandma Durrant 
Isaac reading his note from the Ketcham family mom and favorite aunt patsy 
Grandpa Millett and Isaac 
Isaac with grandma and grandpa Tenney 
Isaac with grandma and grandpa Millett 
Isaac, we are so proud of you! You light up our lives and bring such joy to our home. We love how inquisitive you are and all the questions you come up with. You have asked a lot of questions about everything that would happen at your baptism and we hope we can always be there to guide and help you as you grow and mature. We loved talking to you after everyone went home about how you felt that day. It is a joy to see how much Heavenly Father loves you and we love you too.

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