Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was simple, yet fun.  

Brooklyn seeing her Easter basket....full of baby friendly snacks.

Brooklyn LOVES goldfish crackers...

Each of the kids got a bunny face sucker. 
Isaac got a robot that never falls off a surface. It turns at the last second. He loves it!

We had Easter dinner with my sister Jennie and her family. It has started to become a tradition to have Easter with their family and we will be sad that we are moving to Kansas and can't do this tradition anymore. 
I pressed the napkins into bunny's for the table. Abbie loved helping me with this and helped tied the bows. 
I dyed blown eggs with silk ties from an idea that Annette sent to me. Very fun!

Easter grass all grown and in the center of the table.

Then we hid Easter eggs. This year we hid a silver and golden eggs. We buried the silver egg in a small gravel pile by the stairs and the golden egg in the light fixture. 
Kaden found the silver Egg

The last egg to be found was the golden egg. Abbie finally spied it in the light fixture and everyone cheered when someone finally found it!

The rest of the beautiful day was spent outside enjoying family time. The boys are becoming quite addicted to playing basketball. Reed was playing with them and trying to defend against both boy's balls. They had a great time together!

Happy Easter!
Cassy Final

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