Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

This Christmas will be remembered as simple and happy. This was our first year with Reed in school and it was very different being both away from family and also being really frugal with gifts. 
Our family got some new games, and the kids especially love the new wii game, skylanders giants.
Isaac got a Pogo stick, skylander character and ninjago lego set.
Abbie got a furby, an accesory, and crayola color designer.
Kaden got a ninjago lego set, an angry bird game and a skylander character. 
I was really worried about the kids getting gifts like socks, underwear and family games but, they didn't mind at all. They loved the gifts and were very thankful for what they recieved. 
Abbie loved her snowball furby and the kids had a schedule for babysitting through the entire christmas break. They even took turns who was going to have it sleep on their pillow at night. It was a favorite toy of this Christmas season. 
Brooklyn got her very own Lala Loopsie doll that she named Lucy. Now both of the girls have their la la dolls and Brooklyn plays with both dolls all the time. 
Brooklyn wanted to eat everyone's candy, she kept finding it no matter where the kids put their candy. 
The Hughes family had our name for Christmas and gave us games that Allisha and I used to play as kids. The kids opened the box and I was so excited, they wanted to know what was so fun about these games. So I told them about how we used to play games as kids. The kids were very excited to play these games.
This year (me being the bread-winner), I was able to surprise everyone with a surprise gift. Even Reed didn't know about this one. If you know my kids, you know they love playing with Nerf guns. The problem with most of them is that they are hard to use for the younger kids. They aren't strong enough to set the spring so they can shoot, so these new nerf guns come with batteries that does the hard part for the kids. They just have to pull the trigger and to make it even better, the bullets are glow-in-the-dark. So, we turned off all the lights downstairs and had a nerf war. IT WAS AWESOME!

They were SO surprised! 

Abbie was really excited that I got one for her too, since usually she has to borrow one of the boy's nerf guns. So we took Sharpie marker and they named their guns (also so they couldn't get confused as to who's was who's). The names went as follows Reed- THE DADINATOR   Isaac - The Straight Ace   Abbie- The ABBIENATOR  Kaden- The Destroyer
The boys LOVED that they got a new game! This is a game that they have only played when at a few friend's house. They were so excited with their character's and something new to play. 
The day ended with us being able to skype with family. Boy, that made me homesick. We are always with SOME family and this was really different. Modern technology made it possible for us to be there when my parents opened their gifts from all of us kids. There was two of us on two different computers being skyped in. One from Kansas  (us) and Pennsylvania (my sister's family). It made it a little better being able to join in the celebration. We missed family terribly this year and it was a really different Christmas. But, we realized how strong we are as a family and know that we can do anything when we have each other.
Merry Christmas 2012

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