Friday, March 22, 2013

Abbie's Painting Picked for Display

Out of all the 2nd Graders at her school. Abbie was one of six 2nd graders art to be chosen. We got a note home that said," Abbie's painting, inspired by the work of artist, Wassily Kandisnsky's is on display with other student artwork at the Blue Valley Library. The display is open to the public until Friday, February 22nd. Congratulations Abbie!"

For family night, we went to see her artwork.

Abbie found her artwork! So excited to show the family! 

You can see the six that were chosen. The other artwork is from different grades. So proud of you Abbie for always trying your best!

Her artwork inspired by the artist, Wassily Kandinsky's.

So proud of you Abbie! We sure love you!

Cassy Final

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