Thursday, December 18, 2008

Isaac's Six

Isaac was so funny about his birthday cake. He wanted a chocolate cake but, not just any chocolate cake. He wanted an extra chocolatey cake with chocolate icing. The only thing not on the cake that is chocolate is the green sprinkles because they are his favorite color. Just can always have whatever cake you want on your birthday!! I love how independent and enthusiastic you are. Just always stay that way!!! We love ya!! I can't believe it but my baby is now six years old. He is in Kindergarten and love its a lot. Everyday he comes home and tells me all the fun stuff he did. I hope the enthusiasm for school always continues. Isaac loves riding bikes, scooters, anything that goes fast! He got a light saber that changes color from green to red and all he kept saying is that now he had a light saber just like Ian (his cousin that just turned 8). And he continued to tell us "In just two more numbers, I'll be able to be baptised, just like Ian." It just makes me smile to think that he is that excited to get baptised. I love you Isaac and your dad is just as proud of you as I am. We love you so much. All the luck for a great next year!! Have a great year being six!!

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