Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh My

I dragged Reed to a Boutique yesterday.(One of only a few brave men there) I was tired of doing projects and just wanted to get out. We both had the day off and we went to this boutique in Bountiful for fun. I found some of the best ideas ever. If you have ever wanted great's a few websites that are really great. ENJOY! These flowers were cute and I put them on hats for the picture. They are just on a clip to go in a girl's hair. I love how they are layered with seven layers. Crazy...but oh, so cute. This website has stores but, their thing is to have cute clothes for may have seen their commercials. Cute stuff, and pretty affordable. This booth had the yummiest cupcakes I've ever seen. There was even a whole bakers dozen of twilight themed fun. This one has the best baby trendy! This next website makes stuff to keep kids entertained at church, like magnet boars, puzzles, games and more. Good ideas. This is my new latest and greatest find. I didn't find this one at the boutique but, it's my new fun place to go to look around and find new interesting items. They have antique windows, doors and a whole bunch of other stuff. I don't know how good their website is but, the place is a treasure hunt. These are baby covers for the carseat. I don't need these but they were sure cute. the next website makes handmade baby booties... This next photographer is my new fav....Maybe someday! SO, if you are ever bored...check out some of these, the stuff they had at their booths were so cute. I ended up only buying a few stocking stuffers but, came home with lots of ideas.


  1. WAY CUTE! How have a keeper in a husband! Where did you get the cut hats? I made some on a loom, but they are so thick and bulky. The pattern is very basic too.Yours were way cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your blog! Too cute! Just happened to find it looking for the ChicBoutiquestyle websight!
    D'arcy Vandenberg Eden, Ut. Check out my blog at
    Love how you design your page scrapbook stlye!!! love it!


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