Monday, November 17, 2008

Grand Junction

This weekend I went to visit my sister, Nichole. Isaac is off track right now and I am taking advantage of the freedom. Him being the oldest, it's been an adjustment being tied down with him in school. I am so glad he loves it so much. My sister had a UpperCase living party and it was so fun. I got a vinyl for Abbie's room that I have been wanting for a while. So cute!! While we were together we did our "NOEL" letters. We had purchased them the last "sister's outing" we had and we decided to take the time to do them together. It's amazing that we can have the exact same set and they turn out so different. They are both sooooo cute!! I am posting mine...Nichole post yours as soon as you finish. I want to see the finished product.


  1. The letters are so cute! I want to come look at your house after it's all decorated for Christmas, I'm sure it's fab!

  2. So cute! I need a bigger house so I can do more crafts!:)

  3. Darling letters! You are so talented! I remembered you had a blog a few days ago and had a great time reading what you guys have been up to. We really need to get together. It's been too long, and I need to see this new house of yours sometime!

  4. I love your noel letters, they are so cute!!


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