Sunday, August 21, 2011

Angel Watch Moms

Have you ever met women that are just amazing? I did. This is Brandi (Aaron's Mom) and Emily (Daniel's Mom). We all met at the gateway about a week ago. I had met Brandi over a year ago when 
Reed and I were pregnant with Jacob and we have been friends since. We are from all across the wasatch front and we have all lost our babies due to TD. Emily is the most recent with her baby passing away in May (just a few months ago).

Emily's Mom found Brandi by her blog and contacted her and then Brandi contacted me so we could all meet together. We all met at the gateway fountains so our kids could play while we talked. My kids were in school so just Brooklyn came along and she slept almost the whole time in her carseat.
I was so nice to meet all together to talk.
I love these women. They are truly amazing.  After only a few minutes I felt so comfortable with both of them. I cherish my friendship with Brandi and I've always felt comfortable with her like an old friend that you feel comfortable chatting about anything and yet after only a few minutes I felt just as comfortable with Emily. (I don't know if they feel the same but, that is how I feel).  It was so nice to be able to sit and talk about things that people tend to avoid with us typically. I think most people are afraid that they will unleash a mountain of tears. Which they might, but it is always nice to talk about our babies. They are ours and we don't ever want to forget them or our experiences. Those experiences have made us the individual we are today.'s okay if we helps us to heal.
We talked, shared different parts of our experiences and asked each other lots of questions. We were able to relate to one another. We were able to ask each other questions that nobody else could probably answer. It's not everyday you get to meet ladies that have been through a very similar experience as you have been through and it was so touching to hear about those special moments and it brought renewed strength to me to see how they are persevearing. These are strongwomen.

Because I use this blog as a sort of journal I wanted to mention these amazing ladies. They are really special to me and I truly appreciate their honesty, willingness to share their experiences and their caring and kind nature.
Thanks was a wonderful day and I think the world of you two!
Cassy Final


  1. Hi Cassy, I'm Emily's mom. I'm so happy that she found you and Brandi. She really feels like she has two new and wonderful friends. We miss our Daniel so much, and there is comfort in being with those who REALLY understand. Also, I love your playlist. :) I'm adding some of your songs to my iTunes and Cloud Player. I hope to meet you sometime. I'm going to be in Utah on September 10 for the Angel Watch memorial. Maybe I can meet you then.

  2. Thanks for speaking so kind of me! I need to do a post now. So when you start decorating for Halloween let me know where you are finding your stuff. I have not decorated since I moved and I am ready, but I think I have lost my touch or desire or something. So Help me make my house awesome!! PLEASE!!!


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