Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kai Millett's Baptism

My nephew, Kai was baptised over the Labor Day weekend. So, we traveled to Vernal to be apart of his special day. It was a very nice day and there was a special spirit there. Everyone knew that Dustin was watching down on him and was proud of his oldest boy. It was neat to be apart of. 
Grandpa Millett Baptised Kai and Grandpa McKeacknie confirmed Kai 
The men that stood in the circle to confirm Kai. 
Kaden at the baptism. The kids loved playing with their cousins. 
Uncle Garrett and Gunnar (Jennie's boy) 
Abbie and Rian 
Cutie Pies!! 
Grandpa's with Kai 
After we finished with the baptism we had a luncheon and then everyone went and helped Ashley and the kids move to their new home. It's a beautiful home and is absolutely perfect for them!! It was a lot of work but, it is so nice for them to have a permanent home and the kids can start school at their new house. Now, Ashley just has a million....maybe two...boxes to unpack. That is the one part about moving that stinks....figuring out where you want things to go....and really nobody can help you with this except you because nobody is going to arrange your house like you want it!! Good Luck Ashley!! We are so excited for you and the kids and your new home!!
Cassy Final

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