Friday, September 16, 2011

Car Racin' Fun

The kids have been playing a lot with their car tracks. They have been building CRAZY tracks that go down the hall, down the stairs with loops and everything. 
The kids goofing off (of course) once I asked them to pose for a picture before they made their next track. You kiddo's are SO funny!! 
Serious builders! 
Isaac was the ring leader of this track building. 
Abbie and Kaden trying out the track as the car raced down the hallway. 
Abbie and her car 
Kaden racing his car.
The kids have had a great time building track and racing their cars. You just have to watch out for the track at runs clear down the hallway.Cassy Final They spent so much time making these crazy race tracks that I didn't have the heart to have them take them down after they begged to keep them up for a day or two. So, if you come to the house you might have to step over a few car tracks but, it's worth all the joy the kids are having playing with their matchbox cars. They'd probably even let you join.

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