Sunday, September 18, 2011

Uncle Garrett entertaining Brooklyn

This last weekend, my brother came and stayed overnight at our house. He had come out to go to Lagoon. After all the other kids had gone to bed we were chilling in the living room and Garrett was holding Brooklyn. She thought he was pretty entertaining!! 
She kept grabbing his beard/facial hair and kept giving us funny faces. Must have felt pretty funny! 
It was so cute to see these two interacting. Brooklyn loved talking and laughing at her Uncle Garrett. 
It was so fun to watch these two interact. It was quite entertaining!
They kept making faces at each other! 
Garrett was making faces at Brooklyn and she was making them back to him. So fun to watch!
Uncle Garrett can be pretty entertaining!! Brooklyn just loved Uncle Garrett and it was really entertaining to watch these two interacting!

Cassy Final

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