Sunday, September 11, 2011

Medical/Surgical Director Position

     Reed and I have accepted a new position at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. I know it is actually Reed who has the new job but, everything Reed does affects this family so I guess I feel like we both accepted this new position. Reed has accepted the position of Director for the Medical/Surgical Floor at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. He was the assistant director of the ICU and this new position became available after the last director retired. We feel very blessed that this opportunity has become available to us and feel like the Lord has guided us. This is a huge stepping stone in a career and we are thankful for the opportunity. We officially accepted last week and Reed started right away. He moved to his new office and even found some pheasant artwork for his new office when we stopped at Swiss days (on our way to Vernal).
We are very excited for this Career opportunity and feel the Lord's hand directing our lives. We felt good about accepting the position. A huge thank you to our cute neighbor girl who stayed late with the kids(and her mom that came later in the evening) that watched the kids for us so we could go to the temple(even though we didn't get in the 6:30 session that we missed by a few minutes, not the 7:00 or even the 7:30 session. It was the 8:00 before we got into a session(come to find out it was Bountiful's busiest night ever and they even had to make an 8:15 session to get the rest of the people in that came to the temple that night, even though that session doesn't even exist. I can't wait for the Ogden Temple to open again!)
 Even though sometimes we don't know what the Lord has in store for us. Sometimes moves (in career or otherwise) are scary and we have to take that leap of faith that everything will work out and we feel very blessed we took that leap of faith and moved hospitals because we have had many opportunities opened to us that we never would have thought possible. We are excited and feel very blessed for this new opportunity. Congratulation Reed on your new Director position!

Cassy Final

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  1. Congratulations Reed and Cassy and family! Miss you all! Love You LOTS! I am not surprised Reed is a hard worker and your family deserves this wonderful blessing. Guess what I am coming to UT in November. It will be a quick trip but I hope to at least be able to come say hello!


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