Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bikeride and Exploding Cattails

The kids are off track and we've been doing something fun almost everyday. I haven't taken my camera on every adventure but, I went and got my camera for the end of this fun excursion. We took a bike ride over to Jensen Park and the ponds next to it. We each picked out a cattail and brought it home to carve. 
We let the kids use their pocket knives to carve designs in their cattails(my siblings will remember doing this when we were little....and I haven't probably done it since I was's been a long time). 
Kaden when he was half way done carving his cattail. 
Abbie (being her usually artsy self) took a lot of time carving EXACTLY what she wanted hers to look like....she actually took so long that it got dark and she had to finish the next day. 
This was mine (I know the pics aren't great...I didn't realize I had it on the wrong setting until I downloaded the pictures). 
Isaac and Reed noticed that they are made of lots of "fuzz" and they put that to good use by... 
Taking parts of their "mature" cattails and throwing them as high as they would go....then they would come down and explode into a ball of "fuzz"...this of course is very entertaining and they did it quite a few times. 
I didn't know cattails could explode but, I've seen it with my own eyes...they explode alright...and leave it to the boys to figure that out! 
Reed and Isaac having a great time "exploding" their cattails!!

This is Brooklyn doing what she does best....eating her toes and being cute! Love you cutie patootie (that is Kaden's favorite thing to call her...a cutie patootie)!
It was a fun family adventure. We love going bike riding as a family!Cassy Final

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